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Lucky Drop

Gameplay Introduction

1. Lucky Drop is an algorithm-based open-source airdrop game. For each AISHIB transaction, a 3% fee is extracted, converted into ARB, and added to the prize pool, which is then distributed through lucky draw tickets.
2. Participation requirements:
a. There are 10 levels of lucky draw tickets (for transactions between $100 - $1000).
b. Transactions under $100 will not receive lucky draw ticket, while transactions above $1000 will receive a ticket equivalent to $1000.
c. The higher the level of the lucky draw ticket, the greater the probability of winning. Each transaction can only receive one lucky draw ticket.
3. The lucky drop will take place every 30 minutes and 1/3 of the pool will be awarded to the lucky person(Max1500$ARB each round). After the draw, all lucky draw tickets from the current round become invalid.