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Alpha Game

In the futuristic cyber era, amidst the journey to Cyberpolis where risks and rewards run high, Cops and Thugs rally behind their chosen Alpha leaders.
In this realm, the Alphas are anything but idle. Empowered by the collective might of the Cops and Thugs at their side and the wealth of AISHIB they have amassed, the Alphas embark on Offensives against rival Teams while bolstering their own Defenses. The greater their foresight, strategy, and flawless execution, the more AISHIB they and their Team will amass as they forge ahead. Ultimately, a singular Team will emerge as the foremost dominator in this cyber realm.

The tl;dr:

  • Suffocating $AISHIB is at stake in Alpha Game.
  • Alpha Cops will lead Teams of Cops and Thugs to win a AISHIB prize and share in the spoils.
  • Thugs and Cops choose which Team to join. Teams with more Thugs and Cops staked in them earn more Points in the game.
  • By staking AISHIB, Teams earn Actions that they can use to Attack & Fortify. The more AISHIB staked in a Team, the faster the Team earns.


During Alpha Game:
1. An Alpha Cop can opt to stake & lead a Team until a deadline to be announced by The Arbipolis. Abandoning its Team is not an option for an Alpha. Alphas cannot unstake until the end of Alpha Game.
2. All non-Alpha Cops and all Thugs can opt to stake & join a specific Alpha’s Team at any time during the game.
The goal of the game is for each Team to accumulate as many Points as possible. Teams will be awarded AISHIB based on their Points count and several special events.

The Prize

The Arbipolis has made 10,000T AISHIB available for Alpha Game.
There are a total of 10 prizes available, allocated as follows: 7 prizes for the Alpha Cop (A8) teams and 3 prizes for the Beta Cop (A7) teams, with the Beta Cop prizes being awarded on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis.
Percent of Winnings Pool
Should less than 10 Cops compete in Alpha Game, The Arbipolis will burn the AISHIB prizes that remain. For example, if only 8 Cops compete, the 9th and 10th place prizes (5% in total) will be burned.
  • The Alpha in each Team will receive 10% of their Team’s winnings in exchange for their efforts to build and protect their Team.
  • The remaining 90% of a Team’s AISHIB winnings will be claimable by individual wallet addresses proportional to the contributions they made to the Team that they are part of when the game ends.

Claim Amounts

The contribution a player makes to their Team is weighted 50% by the number of Points they earned through staking Thugs or Cops, and 50% by the amount & duration of AISHIB that they staked.
For example: if a player contributed 2% of their Team’s Points and 3% of their Team’s AISHIB, they would earn 2.5% of their Team’s AISHIB Prize.
When a player unstakes a Thugs or Cop or switches it to another Team, the NFT's Points are reset to 0 and all AISHIB winnings attributable to it from its old Team are forfeited. Similarly, when a player unstakes AISHIB or switches it to another Team, AISHIB winnings attributable to that AISHIB from the old Team are forfeited.
All AISHIB Rewards will release 100% over 6 Month .

Staking and Points

Alphas have one way to gather Points for their Team: encourage other Cops and Thugs to stake into their Team. A Cop or Thug can be part of only one Team at a time. However, they may choose to switch Teams at anytime, with a cost.
Each Thug or Cop staked in a Team contributes a certain number of Points daily to its Team.
Token Type
Points Earned Daily
Omega Cop (A5)
Delta Cop (A6)
Beta Cop (A7)
Alpha Cop (A8)
0. Alphas do not contribute points to their Team
For example: a Team with 1,000 Thugs and 100 Omega Cops would earn 1,000 x 50 + 100 x 250 = 75,000 Points daily.
If you switch a Thugs or a Cop into another Team during the game, or unstake at any time, the Points you earned for your former Team will remain with them and contribute to their total Points count. However, you will sacrifice and reset your own Thugs or Cop’s Points to 0. Any AISHIB you would have won by remaining with your former team will be burned at the end of the game.

Actions: Attack and Fortify

By staking AISHIB, Teams earn Actions. Alphas, the leaders of each Team, are uniquely able to utilize these Actions to Fortify their Team or Attack other Teams:
When a Team earns an Action, the Team’s Alpha must utilize its Action before the Team will continue to earn more Actions. A Team cannot hoard Actions, as it can hold only one unused Action at a time.

There are two uses for each Action earned:

1. Attack another Team of their choice to reduce that Team’s overall Points count by 3% unless they have Fortifications.
2. Fortify to protect against Attacks. Fortification is proactive. By Fortifying, you increment your Fortifications.

Action Calculations

If a Team has 0 Fortifications, then Attacks against it will reduce the Team’s Points by 3%. There is no limit to the number of Fortifications a Team may accumulate.
Example A: Your Team has 1,000,000 Points and 0 Fortifications. When another Team Attacks you, your Team’s Points will decrease to 970,000.
Example B: Your Team has 1,000,000 Points and 2 Fortifications. Another Team Attacks you: your Team’s Points are still 1,000,000, but now you only have 1 Fortification remaining.

Earning Actions

Actions are earned when Teams stake AISHIB. When a Team earns an Action, the Team’s Alpha must perform an Action before the Team will continue to earn more Actions. A Team cannot hoard Actions, as it can hold only one unused Action at a time.
The more AISHIB a Team stakes, the faster it will earn an Action. To level the playing field, larger Teams require more AISHIB to earn an Action than smaller Teams.
Days to Earn an Action = (Team’s Daily Points Rate * 6.25) / AISHIB Staked in Team
Note: In the above equation, all Teams are treated as if they have a minimum Daily Points Rate of 12,500 Points.
Staking Thugs & Cops
Team's Daily Points Rate
AISHIB Required to get an Action Every Day
Team 1
900 Thugs,
100 A5 Cops
Team 2
900 Thugs,
140 A5 Cops
Team 3
900 Thugs,
300 A5 Cops

End Game

The game will be played through the duration of the full Game development period, and end when The Arbipolis decides. So that each Team can plan accordingly, The Arbipolis will notify all Teams of both special events and the completion of the game ahead of time.