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Aishiba Game

In the bustling Arbipolis, as night falls, criminal activities lurk in the dark corners of the city. The dog thugs, roam the streets, committing robberies and other crimes to earn $AISHIB. The shiba cops, on the other hand, are responsible for maintaining law and order in the city, cracking down on crime and protecting citizens.
However, corruption exists even among the cops. They collect protection fees from the street thugs and turn a blind eye to minor crimes. For those who refuse to pay up, the cops will seize their assets. New street thugs with little experience may even commit crimes in front of the cops, resulting in immediate arrest.
Shiba Game is a risk protocol for NFTs with novel tokenomics. It shows what’s possible with interactions between the ERC-20 and ERC-721 protocols. For the very first time, your NFT can steal other NFTs (ERC-721 tokens) for you. The rarer your NFT, the more tokens you'll accumulate probabilistically. Shiba Game is pioneering new types of NFT mechanics. Fully decentralized.
The tl;dr:  
  • There will only ever be 5,000 Gen 0, minted for $AISCODE. The 15,000 Gen 1 are minted by $AISHIB  
  • Thugs can be staked in the Street to earn $AISHIB and pay a tax anytime they claim their $AISHIB earnings  
  • If a Thug is unstaked from the Street, the Cops try to seize all of its accumulated $AISHIB  
  • When a new Thug is minted, the Cops attempt to steal it. If they’re successful, it’s given to a randomly selected Cop, instead of the owner who minted it


Token ID
Minting Cost
1 to 5,000 (GEN 0)
5,001 to 10,000
10,001 to 15,000
15,001 to 20,000
Mint a GEN 0 Thug using $AISCODE
Mint a new Thug
No risk.
Mint a GEN 1 Thug using $AISHIB
There is a 10% chance that the NFT is actually a Cop!
10% chance of the new Thug or Cop being stolen by a staked Cop. Each Cop’s chance of success is proportional to their Alpha scores.


You have a 90% chance of minting a Thug, each with unique dog images. Here are the actions they can take:
Enter Street (Stake)
Accumulate $AISHIB rewards (prorated to the second)
No risk
Earn $AISHIB (Claim)
Receive 80% of $AISHIB accumulated on your Thugs
Cops take a guaranteed 20% tax on eraned $AISHIB in return for not intervening in street crime behavior. Taxed $AISHIB is split among all the Cops currently staked in the Police Station, proportional to their Alpha scores.
Leave Street (Unstake)
Thug is removed from the Street and all $AISHIB is claimed.
Can only be done if the Thug has accumulated 2 days worth of $AISHIB.
50% chance of ALL of your accumulated $AISHIB being seized by Cops. Seized $AISHIB is split among all the Cops currently staked in the Police Station, proportional to their Alpha scores.


You have a 10% chance of minting a Cop, each with different shiba images, including an Alpha value ranging from 5 to 8.
The higher the Alpha value:  
  • The higher the portion of $AISHIB that the Cop earns from taxes  
  • The higher chance of steal a newly minted Thug or Cop
Example: Cop A has an Alpha of 8 and Cop B has an Alpha of 6, and they are staked.  
  • If 70,000 $AISHIB total have been accumulated as taxes, Cop A will be able to claim 40,000 $AISHIB and Cop B will be able to claim 30,000 $AISHIB  
  • If a newly minted Thug or Cop is stolen, Cop A has a 57% chance of receiving it and Cop B has a 43% chance of receiving it
Only staked Cops are able to steal a new minted GEN 1 Thug/Cop or earn the $AISHIB tax.
Stake cop
Earn your share of the 20% tax of all $AISHIB generated by Thugs in the Street
No risk
Receive all $AISHIB taxes accrued for the staked cop
No risk
Unstake cop
Receive all $AISHIB taxes accrued for the staked cop
No risk


Thugs are competing for the $AISHIB reward on the streets. $AISHIB is a core element in the economic model. The $AISHIB used for rewards comes from:
  • the unclaimed $AISHIB after the airdrop ends
  • the $AISHIB accumulated from AISCODE burning mining


Shiba Game is a crucial GameFi game for the ArbShib. $AISCODE will be used to mint Shiba NFTs and participate in the game to compete for $AISHIB rewards.
  • Protocol-level risk is ripe for exploration in NFTs. Many projects are implementing stake-to-earn, but haven’t cracked the code on users making choices in the face of risk.
  • In the case of Shiba Game’s Cops-and-Thugs world, your NFT can steal ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens for you. This is entirely new on Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Everything in Shiba Game happens on-chain: the decisioning, the results, the generation of the NFTs themselves.

In conclusion

With Shiba Game, everyone can play with their own level of risk… Pay the tax? Stay liquid on the market? Take a chance to keep all your $AISHIB, but have a chance to lose it all? The choices and this game have to be engaging.
Shiba Game will be a very interesting game that will bring unlimited gaming fun and substantial profits to the ArbShib community.