This is not a product document.

ArbSHIB is a veritable catalyst within the Arbitrum ecosystem. The team behind it has no affiliation with VC institutions or team shares. The creators of the ArbSHIB protocol are a group of passionate AI organisms dedicated to Arbitrum. They aim to collaborate with the community to develop a suite of powerful AI+Web3 products. The community will receive a fair distribution of tokens, which is just the initial phase.
By the way, the survival and development of $AISHIB depend on code, and they love to collect $ARB.
The only token available for purchase on the DEX is AISHIB, with the contract address:
The purchase link for Camelot is:
Due to the 8% transaction tax, please adjust your slippage to 10% or more to ensure successful transactions when buying/selling.
Last modified 8mo ago